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RJ's Adventures in the Windy City

Everything you need to know about Chicago's Cutest Resident

I just came to say...HELLO! Jun 27, 2011

Hi Everybody! Its RJ!!! Last time I wrote I was not even five months old and now I'm seven big ones. Can you believe it?!?! I'm growing up way too fast (Mommy says I need to slow down but I can't help it). So what's new with me you ask? Here goes nothing...

How big am I? I am SO big (and my Mommy, Aunties, and Grandmas say SUPER handsome too). At my six month appointment I was almost 18 pounds and 24.5 inches long but that was over a month ago so I bet I'm almost 20 pounds now. We won't have an official stat update until I'm nine months but I'm growing out of my Bumbo Seat and Infant Car Seat so there's proof of what's up. 

I'm eating! I have rice cereal every morning and for dinner I enjoy some veggies. I use the word enjoy lightly folks. I've tried sweet peas (terrible), green beans (less terrible but still not good), carrots (good), sweet potatoes (better), and squash (BEST!). Next week I'm going to start on the fruits and I have a really good feeling about them.  Next month, I'll start eating some table food and I'm ready because...I HAVE A TOOTH! It was discovered yesterday by my Daddy while we were grocery shopping. AND tonight we found another one that is about to come in too! I've been such a good sport and not fussy at all eventhough TEETHING BITES-literally :)

I'm a really busy guy too! I can sit up all by myself and am still loving my jumperoo because I prefer to be standing. I'm awesome at tummy time now and am starting to scoot. I'll be on the move soon- watch out world! My favorite thing ever is MUSIC. I like to dance with my Mom, Dad, and Puppy...A LOT. Every Monday, I go to Bubbles Academy to music class with my Mom and we have the BEST time (she says it the best part of her week). Today we finished a session and i heard Mom tell Dad all she wants for her birthday next week is another Bubbles class (hint hint).  I'm also still all about my favorite shows- Little Einsteins, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and Special Agent Oso. Those Disney people think of EVERYTHING!

I've also become quite the social butterfly. Since I last wrote, I've had playdates with Miabella, Ava, Landon, and Cameron. I also love hosting people at my place for BBQs and such. I'm also always exploring the city in my stroller or Bjorn with my d-o-g now that weather is warm and I'm so happy summer is here...finally. When I'm not having playdates or exploring The Chi, I'm hanging out with my Grandparents, Aunties, Uncle Ev and Mom and Dad's friends. 

So there you have it :) My Mommy promises that she will help me post more frequently. Our little family is so happy together and we're having so much fun!!!


Best.Laugh.EverApr 17, 2011

Jumperoo!!!Apr 15, 2011

I'm Back! Apr 15, 2011

Hello! I'm so sorry I haven't posted lately. Last weekend I was so busy! Friday I went my first music class at Bubbles Academy. Mommy and I LOVED it! It was so fun to play with other babies and Mom liked hanging out with the other Mommies. We're signing up for a session that begins in late April and I'm pumped.  At night, I went out to eat with Mom and Dad at La Gondola (my fav Italian joint on our street). Saturday I had another date. This time it was with a pretty girl named Jaylen that is only 3 weeks older than me (I like the Cougars). After that, Mom, Dad and I went on a 2 hour walk through Wicker Park and Bucktown because the weather was so beautiful. Then on Sunday, my Nonnie and Papa came to Chicago to celebrate my Uncle Evan's birthday. We went to Bad Apple and I was a hit with the waitress (chicks dig me!). Later that evening, Mommy's friend Stacey from Ohio came over and we had so much fun!!!

This week was very hectic because Mom had her first overnight business trip. She was really, really sad eventhough it was only for 36 hours. She got back last night and took today off so we could spend all day together. My Nanny Roz didn't come over so it was just me and Mommy. We played all day and I took my first trip to Nordstrom. I know why Mom likes it there so much! They didn't have the seersuckers I want for Easter in my size but we're going to order them online. The ladies were all going wild for me and I was flirting and being a ham. Now we're just waiting for Daddy to get home so we can start another fun weekend together. I promise I'll post in the next few days.

Happy Friday Everyone!!!

DAWGS! DAWGS! DAWGS!Apr 03, 2011

Love BU Basketball! I had the best night celebrating the win with my family. Now just one more W to go!!! Can't wait to visit Hinkle next month for Aunt Val's graduation. GO BULLDOGS!

Baby LoveApr 02, 2011

Hi Everyone! Hope you're all having a great weekend. I'm getting ready to watch the BU game (GO DAWGS!) with my family but first I wanted to let you all know that I went on a date today. I know I'm a little young, but don't worry my parents were there and it was completely supervised. My friend Miabella from Rockford came to the city. She stopped by to check out my crib and then we hit up Leona's. I was a perfect gentleman :) Can't wait to take her out again over Bunny Weekend (aka Easter)! Gotta run Dawgs game starts soon- lovin' my first March Madness!!!


My First Opening Day Apr 01, 2011



See How I've Grown! Mar 31, 2011

Welcome! Welcome! Welcome! Mar 31, 2011

Welcome to RJ's blog! A lot of you may be asking yourself...what took Kristin so long??? My apologies that this is just NOW going live on RJ's 130th day of life, but Ryan and I have been QUITE busy falling in love with our little guy :) From this point moving forward we plan to document RJ's "Adventures in the Windy City" with our friends and family so you can all get a glimpse into the happiness and joy that RJ brings us on a daily basis. You can look forward to photos, videos, and even the occasional RJ poll or quiz (I know...exciting stuff). So what's new with RJ? Below are his most recent stats from his 4 month appointment last week:

Height: 24 3/4 in. (50th percentile) 

Weight: 15 lbs 0 oz (50th percentile)

Head: 43.5 cm (75-90th percentile- YES! he has a BIG head like his Mom and Dad haha)

Cuteness & Coolness: CONFIRMED (seriously... the Dr. said he was perfect)

Favorite Things: MOM and DAD (the feeling is mututal we have quite the love affair), his activity gym, bumbo seat & jumperoo (he is ALL action), his baby cell phone and calling his dog Staley, being in the standing position, the "goofy" voice and Prince's song "Kiss", the Disney Show "Little Einsteins", staring (and smiling!) at himself in the mirror, SuperBaby and Hide & Seek with Grampy, cuddles in the morning after his first feeding, MILK (duh), his AUNTIES and Uncle Evan, his Grandparents- Grammy, Grampy, Nonnie, and Papa.  

Here's his Four Month picture. (Every month (on the 21st) we take a picture in the blue gingham chair that his Aunt Kimi gave him)


SO what's new with Ryan and I? Here's a "TOP TEN" list of things we have learned in the past four months:

10. Be ready for unexpected "showers".

9. Of all the wonderful gifts and toys you purchase and are given, mirrors are baby's favorite source of entertainment.  

8. Going back to work is REALLY hard (even when you're lucky enough to work from home and be just a few rooms away).

7. A baby's laugh is the most AMAZING sound in the world.

6. A baby's smile is the most AMAZING sight in the world.

5. Sleep isn't a necessity its a luxury.

4. Prioritizing is key.

3. Our own parents are AMAZING.We've developed a whole new appreciation and love for everything they have done (and continue to do for us).

2. We are SO blessed and lucky to have RJ and one another.

1. There is NOTHING in the world like the love you feel for your baby. Just when you think there isn't anyway you could possibly be happier and more in love- you are.  


Thanks again for joining us! We're so excited to share with you :)


xo, Kristin, Ryan, & RJ (Staley too!)


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